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To set the devices led brightness by mqtt.
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POC: Xiaomi Airpurifier 3H MQTT Bridge

This is a proof-of-concept, lacking a lot of errorhandling.

The Xiaomi Airpurifier 3H uses the (new) miot api. This script bridges the air pufifier to the following state and control topics in mqtt.

These topics are reported from the device:

STATE Topic Values to expect Meaning
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/TIMESTAMP 2020-03-29T15:44 Timestamp of the last state update
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/airQualityIndex 0-999 AQI current value from the frontpanel (PM2.5[µg/m³])
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/airQualityIndexAvg 0-999 Average AQI (Not yet seen elsewehere)
{mqtt_topic}/STATEairTemperatureC NUM-1 Current temperature in °C
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/airRelHumidityPercent 0-100 Relative humidity in %
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/fanMotorSpeed 0.0-2500.0 Current motorspeed in rpm
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/fanLevel 1-3 Fanlevel preset as selected by the button (1, 2, 3 waves)
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/fanFavoriteSetLevel 1-14 Fanlevel preset for heart-mode (fanLevels 1-3 are positions in this range)
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/filterUsedHours INT Filter-usage-time in hours
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/filterRemainingPercent 0-100 Remaining filter-live in %
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/filterRfidProductId 0:0:31:31 Filter product-id
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/filterType Regular, ... Commonname for the filtertype
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/filterRfidTag 80:66:58:da:7f:55:4 The current filters unique ID
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/deviceBuzzerEnabled True/False Can the buzzer buzz?
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/deviceChildLockActive True/False Is the childlock active?
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/deviceLedBrightness Bright, Dim, Off Selected LED Brightness
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/devicePowerOn True/False Is the device powered on?
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/devicePower on/off Power...
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/deviceMode Auto, Silent, Favorite, Fan Mode as selcted by the front-button. (3 fanmodes indicated by fanLevel)
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/statPurifiedVolumeM3 INT Purified volume of air
{mqtt_topic}/STATE/statTimeActive INT Seconds active

These topics can control the device:

CMD Topic Values expected Meaning
{mqtt_topic}/CMD/deviceLedBrightness Bright, Dim, Off Sets the LED Brightness
{mqtt_topic}/CMD/devicePower on/off Turn the device on or off
{mqtt_topic}/CMD/deviceMode Auto, Silent, Favorite, Fan The mode to run (turns the device on)
{mqtt_topic}/CMD/fanLevel 1, 2, 3 The fanlevel preset to run (turns the device on)


  • Python 3
    • paho-mqtt
    • python-miio >= (available from pip / pyPI)
  • The devices security token


  • Copy airpurifier.conf.sample to airpurifier.conf
  • Adjust the values in airpurifier.conf
  • Run miotAirpurifierBridge.py

Set the environment airpurifierConfigFile to use a different configfile.


The systemd folder conatins a systemd service that can be customized and dropped into /etc/systemd/system. It assumes the miotAirpurifierBridge.py script is located in /opt/miotAirpurifierBridge/